Pärt concert in Copenhagen


Pärt concert in Copenhagen

Photo: Reinhard Wilting

Friday 7 June, Theatre of Voices presents an afternoon concert at Trinitatis Church in Copenhagen, featuring works by Arvo Pärt.

The concert is part of a Summer seminar, held and hosted by Trinitatis Church - three days of talks and lectures on the subject “Hvad er ånd?” (What is Spirit?). Paul Hillier, who has a written a book on Pärt, and Else Torp will deliver a talk on Pärt's music prior to the concert.

Also Phie Ambo's film poem "Songs from the Soil", which features TOV's live performances of known Pärt works, will be shown.

Read more about the seminar (in Danish)

Recording for Deutsche Grammophon


May 26th-28th ACME String Quartet visits Theatre of Voices in Copenhagen to record a project for Deutsche Grammophon - conducted by Paul Hillier and recorded by producer Francesco Donadello.

Last and First Men in Sydney


Last and First Men in Sydney

On 2 June, TOV will be performing at the Sydney Opera House in the Australian premiere of Jóhann Jóhannsson’s multimedia work “Last and First Men“, one of the final achievements by the great Icelandic composer - and close collaborator to TOV - before he past away in 2018.

Based on Olaf Stapledon’s visionary 1930 sci-fi novel, “Last and First Men” is a unique mix of film and fiction with breathtaking 16mm footage, narration and not least Jóhannsson’s mesmerising score, performed by Sydney Symphony Orchestra with Theatre of Voices' Else Torp and Kate Macoboy - led by Benjamin Northey.

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