Hear us on BBC


Hear us on BBC

Hear Guillaume de Machaut: Veni creator spiritus from our performance at Rheinvokal, click here

Interview with Paul Hillier:


Theatre of Voices feature artist in International Arts Manager Magazine


Theatre of Voices feature artist in International Arts Manager Magazine

Clare Wiley, International Arts Manager Magazine, chats to our soprano Else Torp about going to vocal extremes to get a particular tone. You can read the whole article here

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Just before the Christmas feeling sets in - go a and see ‘Arrival’ with Theatre of Voices on almost every track - in shapes and sounds you’ve never hear before! Premiere in Denmark Dec. 1st ! Jóhann Jóhannsson talks to the Guardian about the soundtrack: Go with your gut “I knew that I wanted to use voices as one of the prime instruments in the score of a film that is primarily about language and communication. But I wanted to use the voice in a different way, so I worked with an ensemble called Theatre Of Voices. They’re masters of both early music and contemporary music, so have a very good command of exotic vocal techniques. I worked with Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe; he is not academically trained, but his voice is an amazing, powerful and flexible instrument.” Expand your horizons “In terms of voices, I was very influenced by Stockhausen’s Stimmung, a piece for six voices and microphones. But I was also listening a lot to spectral composers like Gérard Grisey and Horatiu Rădulescu.” Read more:
From using space to avoiding “weird for weirdness’s sake”, the Oscar-nominated film scorer reveals how creates his haunting soundtracks

the coming of winter theatre of voices winter is i-cummen in: sing goddam, sing forwards, sing backwards, sing the living, sing the dead, sing early, sing new, sing barry, sing byrd - and play your merry instuments !! else torp   signe asmussen manuitt   chris watson jakob bloch jespersen allan rasmussen paul hillier ezra pound/anon. ca. 1200           winter is icemen in william byrd                         variations the bells pelle gudmundsen-holmgreen       you and i and amyas - 1 gerald barry                         sur les pointes gerald barry                         the coming of winter william byrd                           in nomine (parsons) peter maxwell davies                 o magnum mysterium peter maxwell davies               the father of heven peter maxwell davies                 yesnaby ground pelle gudmundsen-holmgreen       you and i and amyas - 2 william byrd                         the battle pelle gudmundsen-holmgreen       green

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