Reviews of Only the Sound Remains


The French production of Kaija Saariaho's 4th opera "Only the Sound Remains" at the Palais Garnier in Paris was completely sold out and extatically received by both the audience and critics:

"astonishing" in Saariano's 'angelic vocal writing' - Le Figaro

''very expressive solos, which add substantially to the musical continuum'' -

'Theater of Voices, excellent vocal quartet'' - ***** -

''The quartet Theater of Voices embellishes this haunting composition with humanity, as much in its gestique as in its vocal engagement. It forms the cornerstone of this ode to echoes, relaying the pit and the stage with great strength, despite astonishingly evasive transitions.'' -

''The superb vocal quartet Theater of Voices brings together soprano Else Torp, alto Iris Oja tenor Paul Bentley-Angell and bass-baritone Jakob Bloch. Together, under the attentive leadership of Ernest Martinez Izquierdo, they do more than accompany the two protagonists - the man, the priest, the specter, the angel - who lead the boats of the two works, they double them in instruments and voice.'' -

'' the four voices of the Theatre of Voices are of a singular beauty, a homogeneity and an agile fulfillment of their brilliantly written parts by a composer intimately acquainted with madrigal style.'' -