EnTmenschT [DehumaniseD]

Åbne Scene - Godsbanen, Skovgaardsgade 3, Aarhus
Saturday, Sep 15, 2018 at 7.30pm


Living in a post-humanistic society based on algorithmic power misuse, we have lost the right to be a subject. It’s a reality full of psychiatric diagnosis, and humans moulting and shedding skins.

enTmenschT collects and displays unbearable human emotional debris found in our Western culture’s collective Memoirs and sheds merciless light on the moment where humans, through their behaviour, cross an inner ethical line and turn into Beasts.

Composer and concept: Line Tjørnhøj
Visual artist: Signe Klejs
Performers: Theatre of Voices & Paul Hillier
Costume design: Mads Dinesen
Photo: Kåre Viemose

enTmenschT is produced with support by Danish Arts Foundation Music Dramatic Committee, Aarhus Municipality, KODA Dramatik, Dansk Tennis Fond, Beckett Foundation, Danish Conductors Association and the collective Copydan-funds, Danish Composers Society and KODA Culture, and The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus.

EnTmenschT [DehumaniseD]


enTmenschT [DehumaniseD]

A music theatre installation by Line Tjørnhøj and Signe Klejs


Theatre of Voices
- Else Torp
- Iris Oja
- Paul Bentley-Angell
- Steffen Bruun

Paul Hillier, artistic director

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