Odsherred Kammermusikfestival: Bo Lundby-Jæger

Thursday, Aug 5, 2021 at 7.30pm

In this concert Theatre of Voices performs another setting of a Hans Christian Andersen text; The Little Mermaid. Since 2007 the group has toured worldwide with David Lang’s music to The Little Match Girl, but here Danish composer Bo Lundby-Jæger has taken up one of Andersen’s most famous and well-loved tales of unrequited love and sacrifice.The piece is part of a group of works for chamber orchestra and voices that the composer has written for a collaboration with the University of São Paulo / Ribeirão Preto and their choir and orchestra. Here, we present them in versions especially tailored for Theatre of Voices and Ensemble Storstrøm.

Odsherred Kammermusikfestival: Bo Lundby-Jæger

Image Credit: Odsherred Kammermusikfestival


Why stand ye Afghast
'Winter' from 'Winter cold Earth'
Hernede I Himlen
'Cold' from 'Winter cold Earth'
The Little Mermaid


Theatre of Voices
-Else Torp
-Signe Asmussen
-Paul Bentley-Angell
-Andrew Mahon

Storstrøms Kammerensemble

Bo Lundby-Jæger, conductor

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