Mozart's Requiem at Kristkirken - POSTPONED

Sunday, Nov 8, 2020 at 4.00pm

Over the weekend, the situation has unfortunately developed, so it is now clear to us that we can not carry out concerts with peace of mind on 1 November. Regardless of how the new rules are interpreted (and there is a lot of ambiguity about that), it's just not the right time to conduct concerts with 50 performers. We leave it to the professionals who have to make a living from it.

We have agreed with Svenska Gustafskyrkan that we will try to carry out the concert at a later date, when conditions have improved. It is far too early to say anything about when it will be.

We will therefore make sure that everyone who has bought tickets on ticket gets the ticket price refunded.

Mozart's Requiem at Kristkirken - POSTPONED

Image Credit: Kammerkoret Musica





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