Sunleif Rasmussen, 60 years

Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at 7.00pm

Sunleif Rasmussen turned 60 in March, and we had planned to celebrate. All was put to a stop due to our somewhat persistent Covid-19 pandemic.

Now, however, we are celebrating both Sunleif and the partial restart of live cultural events with a couple of short, informal concerts on May 26th and June 2nd.

Together with musicians from Concerto Copenhagen, we are performing Sunleif Rasmussen's cantata 'Klar op vort mod, lys for vor fod' - for Helle S. Søtrup's refreshing take on what a prayer can be.

English 'glees' are a genre in themselves - and can probably best be compared to Danish 'student singer repertoire' - covering light partsongs about love and death. Paul Hillier has grown up with this mainly male voice tradition and has selected a small handful that is contrasted by a contemporary selection by Danish composer C.E.F. Weyse.

Theatre of Voices and this concert is supported by

Dansk Komponistforening, Kodas Kulturelle Midler
Korsangernes Fællesråd, Gramexmidlerne
Københavns Kommunes Musikudvalg
Statens Kunstfond
Holbæk Kommune

Sunleif Rasmussen, 60 years


Klar op vort mod, lys for vor fod

English Glees

Selection of songs


Theatre of Voices
-Else Torp
-Ann-Christine Wesser Ingels
-Signe Asmussen
-Laura Lamph
-Paul Bentley-Angell
-Nils Greenhow
-Ben McKee
-Jakob Bloch Jespersen

Concerto Copenhagen
-Nienke van der Meulen, obo
-Jon Olaberrio, obo
-Fredrik From, violin
-Jesenka Balic Zunic, violin
-Antina Hugosson, viola
-Kate Hearne, cello
-Megan Adie, double bass

David Bendix Nielsen, organ

Paul Hillier, artistic director

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