Birthday celebrations – Ib Nørholm 80 years

Vitved church, Vitved, Skanderborg
Sunday, Feb 6, 2011 at 2.00pm

Danish composer Ib Nørholm turns 80 this month and we celebrate him and his music. Three concerts cover some of his most important works for voice, guitar and percussion. The works show examples of Nørholm’s many styles and musical expression and cover a broad range of texts by Frank Jæger, Asger Pedersen, Johannes Kirkegaard and not least his close friend, the poet Poul Borum.

‘Blomster fra den Danske Poesis Flora’ (Flowers of the Danish Poetic Flora) is a collection of 8 songs written in an almost simple and song like manner in the Carl Nielsen tradition. Originally they were written for voice and piano, but the composer and Per Pålsson have worked together on new arrangements for voice and guitar. This new version is premiered at the concerts.
‘Stilleliv’ (Quiet life) is a completely different world – and in a much more expressive style – written for soprano, guitar and percussion with words by Poul Borum. He has also supplied the text for ‘Tavole per Orfeo’ (Tablets for Orpheus). This piece takes its point of departure in the myth of Orpheus and Eurydike. But before the wedding and just till the point of the snake bite. Eurydike expresses her love for Orpheus, but also her frustration and jealousy of the wonderous Orhpheus. Three hypnotising guitar sections comment on pictures evoked.
Soprano Else Torp, guitarist Per Pålsson and percussionist Mathias Friis-Hansen has recorded these works for Dacapo-Records on the CD Tavole per Orfeo


Else Torp, soprano
Per Pålsson, guitar
Mathias Friis-Hansen, percussion

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