Arvo Pärt Retrospective

Odyssud Concert Hall, Blagnac, France
Monday, May 23, 2016 at 8.30pm

An 80th birthday celebration recital, presenting vocal works from all periods of Pärt’s career.

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Arvo Pärt:
Alleluia Tropus
Morning Star (2007)
The Deer’s Cry (2007)
Solfeggio (1963)
Seven Magnificat Antiphons (1988)
Missa Syllabica (1977)
I am the true vine
Kanon Pokajanen (selections) (1997): Kontakion & Ikos; Ode IX; Prayer


Theatre of Voices:
Else Torp, soprano
Kate Macoboy, sopran
Signe Asmussen, mezzo
Mark Chambers, counter tenor
Christopher Watson, tenor
Julian Podger, tenor
Jeffrey Ledwidge, bass
William Gaunt, bass
Paul Hillier, artistic director

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