About TOV:

Randi Pontoppidan, born in 1970 – Singer, Improviser, Composer.

Graduated from The Hague´s Royal Music Conservatory in jazz vocal technique and minoring in classical singing in 2000.

Randi Pontoppidan performs as a singer, improviser and composer, working live with loop machines and other electronic devices. She uses her voice exploring musical landscapes and bringing forth new sounds. The voice becomes the instrument.

The vocal/electric duo LIFT - with Randi Pontoppidan and Sissel Vera Pettersen - is an experimental, improvising and imaginative mini-ensemble that sets its sights on guiding the sound of the voice into sonic worlds which it has never penetrated before. The use of loop machines and the live manipulation of the voice contribute to the result that the sound landscapes vary from the entirely near and intimately acoustic to a world of “ambient” sound and polyrhythmic beats.

More on http://www.myspace.com/liftduo

Randi Pontoppidan also sings contemporary music. Touring around the world with Theatre of Voices, Paul Hillier, singing Steive Reich, David Lang, Stockhausen, Cage and Berio. She also tours with Linda Edsjö and Jennifer Dill singing solo piece by Kaija Saariaho:

Randi Pontoppidan collaborates with the poet and soundmaker Morten Søndergaard with whom she was invited by the Egyptian/Danish Dialog Institut in 2011 to work with local musicians in the oasis Siwa in Egypt. A CD will arrive soon.

Randi Pontoppidan has appeared at festivals around the world with her own compositions and with the music of Stockhausen, Cage and Reich, at venues including London´s Royal Albert Hall, Mexico´s Cervantino, Australien Perth and Berlin´s Festspiele.

She recived a workstipend from the Danish Art Foundation 2007 and 2010.