About TOV:

The Swedish tenor Johan Linderoth participates regularly as soloist in masses, oratories and passion works of composers from Monteverdi to Mozart but holds a particular fondness for works of the 17th century. Besides having performed as a soloist and ensemble singer at larger baroque music festivals in Europe Johan Linderoth has performed in Israel, the Lebanon and Japan (with the lutenist Jakob Lindberg). He performs regularly with Weser Renaissance, Bremen, Germany, Concerto Copenhagen, Denmark, The Harmony of Voices, Stockholm, The Lautten Compagney, Berlin and Paul Hillier's Theatre of Voices.

As a soloist and ensemble performer he has recorded for several radio and television programmes and has released a number of recordings. Together with the lutenist Inger Alebo he has made an internationally acclaimed recording of John Dowland lute songs. His evangelist renditions on recordings of Heinrich Sch├╝tz St Luke's passion and the Auferstehungshistorie (The Resurrection Story) both recorded with Ars Nova Copenhagen under Paul Hillier have been highly applauded.

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