About TOV:

The Danish tenor, Jakob Skjoldborg, is a self-taught singer with a musical background reaching into rock, musical and classical music. He obtained his Master of Arts degree in Danish Language and Literature and Communication from the University of Copenhagen in 2007 and has also worked as producer/pre-editing at Koncern TV- og Film.

Besides singing with Theatre of Voices, he works as a singer and producer in Ars Nova Copenhagen. He also appears with other ensembles such as DR Vokalensemblet, DR koncertkoret, Mogens Dahl Kammerkor, Copenhagen Soloists and Holmens Vokalensemble.

Besides these engagements, he has a soloist career mainly with music from the Renaissance and Baroque. In addition, he is a co-founder of the Holmens Mens Quartet, Holmgang, and he has also released two critically acclaimed albums with the indie rock band Windermere, which he founded in 2001.