The Cries of London

Harmonia Mundi
Theatre of Voices, Fretwork, Paul Hillier

Theatre of Voices and Fretwork are heard in a selection of the Cries of London, in which music for viol consort is overlaid - sometimes comically, sometimes poignantly - with the raucous voices of 16th-century London's street-vendors, mendicants, tradesmen and river-taxis.

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The Cries of London


1. Gibbons: The Cries of London 7:15

2. Cobbold: New Fashions 8:25

3. Gibbons: Fantasia a 4 for the Great Dooble-Base 5:17

4. Weelkes: The Cries of London 7:42

5. Dering: Fantasia No.1 in 6 parts 3:07

6. Dering: The City Cries 9:31

7. Gibbons: Go from my Window 4:49

8. East: Verse Pastorals 7:22

9. Ravenscroft: The Three Ravens 5:09

10. Dering: The Country Cries 5:50

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